About Us

So how did we get here?  God is always working in our lives as we submit to Him!  Read here to hear our story and hear more about our heart for revival for the children!

Candy and Wyly Gammon are missionaries to children with the vision to see a world wide revival in children. Wyly and Candace first established a children’s ministry in Roswell, Georgia (near Atlanta) in 1993, and over the next four years established a children’s church and an evangelistic program called Streetreach. In 1998 they went to Medellin, Colombia and built a children’s ministry that includes a children’s church, Streetreach, a ministry to children at risk called The Refuge and a Training Center to train and equip ministers to children. 1000 ministries to children have been started from the work in Medellin since 1998. They are now living and working in San Pedro Sula, Honduras promoting and training children’s ministry. They are working with community transformation projects that include feeding programs for children, clean water and disease prevention. They have branched out to education with two projects: a project to put poor children into public school and have they opened their own private Christian school. Their main focus remains, training and establishing children’s ministry. Malachi 4:5+6 is the driving force of their ministry!

1991 We began attending World Harvest Church with Pastors Mirek & Linda Hufton.

1993 We began a children’s church for this small congregation. We started bringing neighborhood children to our children’s church services in the Pastor’s mini van.

1994 We started Streetreach which is an evangelistic program for children. We did this ministry there in Roswell, Georgia for another 4 years. http://www.worldharvestchurch.org/.

1998 We moved to Medellin, Colombia to work with Pastors Andrew and Kathy McMillan to start a children’s church. We started on August 15th, 1998 with 250 children. We were there with a one year commitment to start this children’s ministry. We worked that year to start the ministry but realized that really needed to speak Spanish.  So, we went to language school in Costa Rica (http://www.thespanishinstitute.com/) for eight months to learn to speak Spanish. After Language school we returned to Medellin Colombia and worked there for another three years and established Colombian leaders and left the ministry in their hands. Pastor Rafael Prada has extended this ministry to over 700 children today.

2001 We joined Calvary International because of our need for a mission agency that was dedicated to supporting missionaries.

2003 We realized that it was time for us to leave the children’s ministry in the hands of the Colombians we had trained. So we returned to the United States and traveled extensively throughout Latin America until February 2006.

2006 We moved to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and began to carve out our ministry in this needy country. We have feeding programs to poor children giving 1000+ meals per week. We have started working in community transformation through the program of “Community Health Evangelism.”

2007 We started several new children’s ministries through our “Training Center.”

2008 We became Regional Directors for the Americas for Go To Nations. We are responsible for 20 missionaries in the region and recruiting and placing new missionaries into the Americas and around the world.